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And.. We are Off!

Posted by Bridgette Burns on

OK.  My online e-commerce business is off and running. I have been in business for 2 weeks now. Running your own business is just like a 9-5 job but just add more hours to the day!  Don't expect overnight success, because it will take time to build your clientele and to gain the public trust. I recently read a business article stating most people will not buy from your website during their first visit.  They are really just checking it out to see what you, your brand and products/services are all about. 

When I received my first order online I was so excited! I paid extra attention to the packaging for shipment. Got in my car and walked in Post Office with such joy and pride. 

I'm confident this is just the beginning of true blessings for my business. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to establish my online boutique in honor of my beloved Mother, Annette "Blondie" Payne.


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