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Jewelry Represents Memories and Connections

Posted by Bridgette Burns on

Have you ever sat and thought about human interaction and our interconnectivity?! We as humans are connected on many different levels, with our friendships and relationships being extremely important to us. I just read an article the other day on the internet that said the secret to living a long and full life is building quality relationships with people we love and care about; our interactions and connections being most important than any other factor. Jewelry is often a representation of our most cherished memories and connections. It is within these relationships in which we receive jewelry, we gift jewelry, and we treasure jewelry. All these ideas came together as the basis of Treasures By Blondie "Blondie"  Collection, which is the signature collection line of jewelry with the theme purpose of piece my beloved Mom would love to rock on any given day.  

Be sure to check out all the collections within Treasures By Blondie. 

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